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Buying a digital printer increases your profit

about rip

buyers must first know whether their Rip is only suitable for one machine or multiple machines, because if it is only suitable for one machine, you need to buy a second rip when you buy another machine. Although rips now has many functions, you'd better choose a version with diverse functions and high efficiency - "choose seconds instead of minutes"

in addition, if you want to print color pictures for a picky customer, the rip you choose should be able to expand to the full range of colors, and can also call up the color expected by the customer. Don't buy rip with a resolution higher than you need, but you must figure out what you need before you buy it, but you can extract human data by controlling the computer with software

I think a modern RIP software package using small springs should include some advanced tools, although it will increase the cost. Such as color management tools, screen types, frame settings, and tools such as size and clipping. In addition, it should be able to drive all ordinary printing presses, classify documents, store a certain amount of document data, and at least have the function of recording

network access is a new and very good function, because anyone designated by it can submit documents, modify documents and cancel documents before printing. Oh, yes, don't forget, at the same time, it should also have the function of contour cutting

rip/software package based on production can work through the platform and drive multiple printing machines. At the same time, it can help you fine tune or match the corresponding colors (such as Coca Cola's red due to its high degree of Automation)

Chris and Kathy said that color matching is the most difficult thing to learn in the digital printing industry. Chris said, "it often takes several years to learn to adjust graphics or work on site (if possible), and a lot of raw materials, time and energy are wasted in this process."

he explained that color matching is affected by many factors, such as scanners, monitors, printers, inks and media. He said that if your customers are not picky, you can reduce the color matching process. However, I still want to remind you to remember one sentence, "the real profit comes from treating customers with different needs differently.

Kathy added that you'd better carefully review the customer's manuscript. The resolution is very critical -- the image that looks very clear on the monitor may not be very good after printing.

direct marketing

although businesses all want" the hissing sound when selling barbecue to customers, Not just barbecue ", but this sentence is not suitable for digital printing. If you can't tell the buyer what he can get from this high-quality print, then you may not be able to sell your product. Because most, not all, digital prints exist in the phenomenon of self destruction, and they fade slowly, but they are made into recycled particles. Customers may think that fading will form in a short time, but in fact, this fading Production is not formed in a short time. Just look at the Kodak negatives you took 20 years ago. In addition, customers want to know how long these photos and negatives can be kept. More importantly, you need to know how to meet the requirements of customers. Generally speaking, the storage time of water-based ink (water-soluble) prints is relatively short, although many manufacturers use polyethylene packaging systems to extend the storage time. Interestingly, after using such packaging, the negative, rather than ink (usually ink), contains ink/medium adhesive. In essence, ink and adhesive are mixed when they are added to the surface of the medium

the service life of ink should not be the only problem you should consider. Vince stressed that high acid paper may fade before inkjet printing. If you are preparing to print art, you'd better check the acidity first. Neutral pH value or storage medium can prolong the life of printed matter or photo paper

again, it's best to know these things before you buy or sell digital printers to customers. Vince said: Although the heat transfer printer is not as fast as the high-resolution inkjet printer, it is more durable and lasts longer. But neither of them is superman. In order to avoid abrasion, you should film the printed matter. The same is true for printers using UV ink


I asked Chris and Kathy this question: what is the most difficult part of selling digital printers? I think this answer will arouse the interest of everyone who pays attention to the digital printing press, because these answers are not found in various books or advertisements. Their answers are simple and far-reaching

they said that those customers who have never purchased printing products always think that the price of large print products must be similar to that of products printed on desktop printers. Chris said: most people who have computers now have their own printers

he also said that most printers now can print photos of good quality, and the number of these desktop printers is astronomical compared with large printers. It is difficult for customers to realize that a desktop printer is different from a large printer in terms of cost, ink, media and operating skills

finally, I asked Chris and Kathy if they had anything to say to st readers? "Just do it," Kathy said. And she stressed that digital printing has separated their stores from their competitors, and we have expanded our product line

Chris said, "we have been engaged in the color image business for several years. We can satisfy our customers. We work day and night in order to deliver goods on time. Customers are our service goals, and we will get due rewards because of our double work."

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