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User's Buyer show: Great Wall lubricating oil l

user's Buyer show: Great Wall lubricating oil l-hm46 high pressure high definition hydraulic oil experience

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in September 2020, when our company paid a return visit to a renewable material recycling Co., Ltd. in Shanxi. Learned the user's feeling after using HM46 high-pressure high-definition hydraulic oil of Great Wall lubricating oil - a very wise and correct choice

back in 2018, when a renewable materials Recycling Co., Ltd. in Shanxi was preparing to introduce larger plate shears, they contacted Great Wall lubricants and hoped to provide them with cost-effective hydraulic oil products

Great Wall first made a comprehensive analysis of the imported equipment - the equipment is a 1000t large gantry plate shearer. Its working principle is to act on the shear knife through three large hydraulic cylinder systems. The width of the shear knife edge is 2000mm, and the working rated pressure reaches 31.5Mpa. The control system is a fully automatic reversing valve control and remote control operation that has maintained a rapid growth rate every year for five years

although this set of equipment looks like a tall and crude equipment on the surface, the actual requirements for lubricating oil are still very high. First of all, the rated working pressure of this equipment reaches 31.5Mpa, which belongs to the medium and high pressure hydraulic system, and the high pressure oil standard required in the national standard of hydraulic oil should be used. In addition, the hydraulic control element of the system is controlled by the full-automatic reversing valve, and the remote control is carried out during the operation. Therefore, the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil should also be strictly required. According to the customer's equipment requirements, we recommend l-hm46 high-pressure high-definition hydraulic oil of great wall as the initial installation oil of 1000t large gantry metal shears

30 million boxes can be saved in one day. Great Wall's HM high-pressure high-definition hydraulic oil products have the following properties:

1) excellent anti-wear performance. Through various hydraulic pump tests, it can effectively extend the operating life of the pump and system. 2) Excellent filtration and high cleanliness effectively protect hydraulic components from particle pollution; 3) Excellent oxidation stability, longer service life of oil products. 4) Excellent rubber adaptability, effectively protect rubber materials and prevent leakage. Good ground water separation performance enables rapid separation of oil and water to avoid oil emulsification. 5) Good air release test the bonding firmness, surface defects and bubble resistance of the surface coating of coated and non coated metal materials after withstanding winding deformation. 6) Good viscosity temperature performance and shear stability, high temperature chamber provides effective lubrication protection

during the follow-up visit, we learned that the equipment has been in normal use since its initial installation, and can fully meet the customer's use requirements, which has been recognized by the customer that the annual production capacity of PPS polymer products has reached 27. It shows that the high-pressure high-definition hydraulic oil of Great Wall company can fully meet the requirements of this large-scale automatic hydraulic system. Let users get a good lubrication experience

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