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Fujian: do a good job in the "addition and subtraction method" and spare no effort to promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure

under the influence of this epidemic, "stabilizing investment" has become the top priority of stabilizing Fujian's economy. In this case, the world's first marine plastic cleaner in Fujian will be used to try to deal with debris in the Pacific Garbage belt. We should not only race against time to build a new economy, but also keep up with the mode of innovative thinking, do a good job in "addition" and "subtraction", take function as a breakthrough, and spare no effort to promote the construction of Fujian provincial economic center

on the 13th, Longyan City, Fujian Province held a centralized start-up activity of video connection of major projects. 35 projects, including Xinluo beixinlianhe health building industry research institute project, Yongding Zhongxin automobile electronic connector and cable production project, Changting rare earth aluminum alloy medium and low voltage power cable production project, were started, with a total investment of 8.93 billion yuan (RMB, the same below)

last week, Fujian screened and launched 248 provincial-level key investment projects in 2020, with a total investment of 597.8 billion yuan

while "non-stop" promoting investment, Fujian announced that it would make efforts to eliminate backward production capacity. Recently, five departments including the Fujian Provincial Department of industry and information technology, the Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and the Fujian Provincial Department of ecological environment jointly issued the "work plan for eliminating backward production capacity in Fujian Province in 2020"

as can be seen from the "work plan for eliminating backward production capacity in Fujian Province in 2020", Fujian will focus on a series of measures for steel, coal, coal power, cement, electrolytic aluminum, flat glass and other industries. Among them, the capacity that fails to meet the requirements of the mandatory energy consumption quota standard is limited to rectification within 6 months; If it is really necessary to extend the rectification period, the extension application of no more than 3 months can be specified; Those who fail to rectify within the time limit or fail to meet the standard after rectification will be shut down and withdrawn according to law

in the face of the epidemic, many economic experts believe that "reluctantly giving up" backward production capacity has released the signal of Fujian's adherence to high-quality development. Professor Dai Yongwu, School of economics, Fujian agriculture and Forestry University, said that accelerating the elimination of backward production capacity is a major measure for Fujian to transform the mode of economic development, adjust the economic structure, and improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth. It is also an urgent need to speed up energy conservation and emission reduction and actively respond to climate change

since it was established as China's first national ecological civilization pilot zone in 2016, Fujian has focused on exploring the promotion mechanism of Ecological Industrialization and industrial ecology, exploring new ways of high-quality development guided by ecological priority and green development, and constantly releasing ecological dividends

Lifeng Township, Guangze County, Nanping City, which was once backward in development, once rejected the 30million yuan eel farm project that may affect the water environment of Xixi, a tributary of the Minjiang River. The relevant person in charge of the township said that economic development can no longer be achieved at the expense of the ecological environment, and will be combined with the development of ecological agriculture to create a modern agricultural and tourism scenic spot

Dai Yongwu said that Fujian Province is making a number of positive signals in the economic operation of China's extruder industry, and has made great efforts to promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure and the improvement of ecological environment quality

in recent years, according to the actual situation of the industry, Fujian has focused on the three leading industries and strategic emerging industries to attract investment, promote structural adjustment, optimal layout, strong industry and the whole chain, and promote the transformation of the traditional extensive production mode and consumption mode to green and low-carbon. The Department of Commerce of Fujian Province reported that in the first quarter of this year, the manufacturing industry of medical equipment and instruments in Fujian increased by 42.6 times, the transformation service industry of scientific and technological achievements increased by 3.7 times, and the manufacturing industry of communication equipment and supporting equipment increased by 2.2 times, which helped to promote the transformation of old and new driving forces of economic development

it can be seen from the 597.8 billion yuan investment projects newly screened and launched a few days ago that there are 41 projects in three major leading industries, including electronic information, petrochemical industry and mechanical equipment, with a total investment of 99.6 billion yuan; There are 69 strategic emerging industry projects with a total investment of 271.2 billion yuan

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