Fuji Xerox launches sheet fed color digital printi

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Fuji Xerox launched a sheet fed color digital printing machine

today, Fuji Xerox announced that the latest color digital printing machine docucolor iGen3 "Aijiang" was officially listed in China today. Docucolor iGen3 "Aijiang", which shocked the industry, is Fuji Xerox's fastest processing and printing speed, the best color image quality, and the color number comparable to the offset printing quality. It enables the sample to withstand pressure to achieve the fullness of recycled plastic raw material particles. Therefore, Fuji Xerox has given this flagship product a loud Chinese name - "Aijiang". The launch of this product not only sets a new standard for the quality and reliability of color digital printing, but also further promotes the rapid development of digital printing technology

intuitive; Experimental data and marked forms can be automatically generated into reports and printed.

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