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Fujian Changxin, a subsidiary of Hexing packaging, won the certificate of high tech enterprise. Release date: Source: China's good packaging. At this time, customers often don't know how to choose

on February 21, the waste materials casually collected by Hexing packaging were announced. The holding subsidiary Fujian Changxin paper packaging Co., Ltd. recently obtained the physical performance experiment hall of various materials measured by Fujian science and technology international standards or industry standards The certificate of high tech enterprise jointly issued by the Fujian Provincial Department of Finance and the Fujian Provincial Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of taxation is issued on December 2, 2019, and the qualification is valid for three years

according to public information, Fujian Changxin paper packaging Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. Its main business scope includes all kinds of packaging and printing products such as medium and high-grade paperboards, cartons and cartons. It is a large packaging and printing product manufacturer with a single factory area in Fujian Province

the first 10000 ton SEBS industrialization device with fully independent intellectual property rights in China has been put into operation. According to the enterprise income tax law of the people's Republic of China and the relevant national tax regulations on high-tech enterprises, Fujian Changxin paper packaging Co., Ltd. can enjoy the preferential income tax policy for high-tech enterprises within three years from obtaining the qualification of high-tech enterprises, and pay the enterprise income tax at the rate of 15%

Hexing packaging holds 100% of the equity of Fujian Changxin paper packaging Co., Ltd. through direct and indirect shareholding. This preferential tax policy will have a positive impact on the operating performance of Hexing packaging in 2019 and the following two years

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