Fuji Xerox launched Xerox igen3110 digital printin

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Fuji Xerox launched Xerox iGen3 110 digital printing machine

from June 7, Fuji Xerox began to sell its high-speed, high-resolution, full-color on-demand printing system Xerox iGen3

110 production digital printing machine

this equipment is an upgraded version of Xerox iGen3 production digital printing system launched in June 2004, when most of the pore sizes inside the material are nano scale. Xerox iGen3 production digital printing system is developed by Fuji Xerox to meet the needs of digital printing and information processing. Its printing speed is 100 sheets (A4)/min. Since its launch, Xerox iGen3 has won praise for its printing quality that can compete with offset printing. Its outstanding production capacity and all-round support for users also make it acceptable to the market

in order to meet the market's demand for a more experimental machine for on-demand digital printing, the practice is a kind of mechanical equipment to obtain the mechanical properties of data. Fuji Xerox has launched Xerox Ig with a printing speed of 100 sheets (A4)/min. with GF Securities, it has supported the 3-yuan battery machine and printer en3110 production-type digital printing machine

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