Fuji Xerox promotes economical on-demand printing

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Fuji Xerox promotes economical on-demand printing

affected by the financial crisis, the user demand of the convenient color digital printing market has changed greatly. Since the second half of 2007, enterprises have begun to transform to miniaturization and new type. Especially in the light production color digital printing market with relatively small printing volume and low budget, such as small and medium-sized printing practitioners, enterprise printing centers and other customers, there is an increasing demand for low-end color digital printing products with relatively low prices. In order to meet this demand, Fuji Xerox has launched an entry-level color digital printing system 700 digital color press around the world

this is a real production-oriented digital printing equipment. For Fuji Xerox, it is also a key product of great strategic significance. Due to the entry-level light printing system, the configuration of 700dcp is very flexible, which can be used from offices, text printing centers within enterprises, advertising companies, to relatively large Express Printing stores or printing enterprises. Relevant reports about medical materials and Research on the utilization of medical materials in the field of high-tech medical technology of Fuji Xerox (China) Co., Ltd. products are repeated, said zhuwenye, marketing manager

700dcp's highlight is that the new EA eco toner technology developed by Fuji Xerox is used for the first time in all product lines of Fuji Xerox. Zhu Wenye introduced that the traditional toner adopts the mechanical grinding method, which grinds the raw materials into powder through special machinery. The particles of this kind of powder are not ideal and close to the standard sphere, so the superposition of toner will cause many problems, such as low toner transfer rate Poor imaging quality after hanging up, etc. EA toner adopts a chemical forming technology called emulsion polymerization, which makes the toner polymerize around the core particles and turn into spherical particles with a diameter of 5-6 microns, which can effectively improve the printing quality and save nearly 40% of the energy consumption than traditional digital printing equipment. It is reported that Fuji Xerox is also the first digital printing equipment manufacturer in the industry to adopt this advanced technology

in addition, Fuji Xerox also launched a freeflow print server for 700dcp, which built Fuji Xerox's unique color management and other software into the server without fire doors; 700dcp has also greatly improved the registration problem that printing enterprises pay special attention to. It uses a special system to deal with the problem of paper curling, and adopts the registration design system of high-end products; 700dcp also adopts a new transfer system. In the printing process, whether printing large-area color blocks or output on coated paper, it can maintain very good color stability between different jobs or different printed pages of the same job

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