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Fuji Xerox launched enterprise printing service solutions

Fuji Xerox, the leader of the printing management service market, announced that it would launch an end-to-end enterprise document management outsourcing service enterprise printing management service in the Asia Pacific region. Through Fuji Xerox's 2016 China's basic lithium salt output equivalent to about 87000 tons of lithium carbonate equivalent, the service serves the global host system to comprehensively and uniformly manage the enterprise's office printing, document printing center and remote/mobile printing, aiming to help enterprises better manage documents, and raise passive indicators (should instigate zero) and high work efficiency

Fuji Xerox's latest enterprise printing management service this time expands several outsourcing services, such as remote and mobile printing services, enterprise document printing center management services, mail delivery services and document creation services, on the basis of the original office management services. Enterprise printing management services can not only enable multinational enterprises to manage their global printing business, including the printing costs of internal and external documents, but also reduce the overall cost of ownership and optimize business processes through the enterprise printing architecture; Reduce all energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions related to printing while minimizing the risk of affecting business continuity

Xerox was the first to launch the enterprise printing management service, and provided this service to P & G, Dow Chemical and other enterprises. These customers use this service to reduce costs and maximize the return on investment of their global printing architecture. Fuji Xerox will use Xerox's technology and experience to widely promote this new outsourcing service for enterprises in the Asia Pacific region

the price of plastic bags in supermarkets mostly ranges from 1 to 3 cents. According to the Magic Quadrant report 2010*1 launched by Gartner, Xerox and Fuji Xerox are among the leaders, and they evaluate that they have created an optimal printing environment for customers, which can help large enterprises, educational institutions and government departments effectively reduce the overall cost of ownership. According to statistics, 85% of the world's top 500 enterprises adopt document service outsourcing in whole or in part. As the first enterprise in the world to launch and promote document outsourcing services, Fuji Xerox has been promoting the development of global services in China

enterprise print management service is a new outsourcing service solution and a new direction for the future development of print management service. Mr. masuki Okano, President of Fuji Xerox's global service department, said that as the leader of global integrated document management outsourcing services, Fuji Xerox will create more value for the enterprise through continuous innovation

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