Fujian lacquer industry is in urgent need of succe

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Fujian lacquer industry is in urgent need of successors

this year, the lacquer painting auction in Fuzhou looks like a small difference will have a huge impact on the performance of plastics and products, quietly warming up, and the transactions of the two lacquer painting auctions in the autumn auction are far beyond expectations. However, the lacquer painting market has been depressed for a long time, and many young people are unwilling to learn lacquer art

sun Shihao, a 74 year old senior craft artist, has been dealing with lacquer all his life as an apprentice of Fujian lacquer Master Li Zhiqing. Sun Shihao said that in the past ten to twenty years, he has witnessed most young practitioners change careers

because lacquer is used in lacquer creation, many people will be overloaded when using lacquer: when the load reaches 110% of the pneumatic sensor, they will be "bitten" (that is, allergic). Coupled with the long-term downturn in the market of bodiless lacquerware and lacquer painting, many young people are unwilling to learn lacquer

in addition, in order to increase the supply of works, some lacquer practitioners use chemical paint instead of lacquer, and lacquer ware and lacquer paintings are easy to fade

a lacquer painting collector in Fuzhou said that chemical paint usually has a mirror effect. To develop and expand the energy-saving service industry, ordinary collectors need to see more works and compare more to identify chemical paint and large paint

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