Fujian is the hottest market with the highest beer

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Fujian has become the market with the highest beer bottle cap fee.

the prize for opening the cap is a commonly used promotional means in the beer market. We found in our investigation that this means has been incisively and vividly performed in the Fujian beer market. No matter big brands or small and medium-sized brands use this method, the winning rate can reach 80% - 100%, and the bottle cap fee also ranges from 30 cents. For example, the methane use implementation plan (LMOP) of landfill sites ranges from 50 cents to 1 yuan and 2 yuan, while the beer bottle cap fee in other provinces is only about 5 cents, and the winning rate is definitely not as high as that in Fujian

in Fujian, at the beginning of the launch of new products, it is customary to open the situation with great efforts and awards. For example, the winning rate of Jinde beer in Yongding, West Fujian, when it was first launched this year was simply amazing, and the winning rate of 100% made people feel fierce

the fierce competition for beer bottle cap fees in Fujian is related to the local consumption situation. In Fujian, there is almost no light season and peak season for beer. The huge consumer market makes beer manufacturers do not hesitate to promote locally in order to drive away competitive products. However, this phenomenon will certainly not last long, because from the overall trend of the beer industry, the concentration of the beer market to large groups is the only way for the development of beer in the future, and so should the Fujian beer market, which will eventually form 3-5 big brands to dominate Fujian

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