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Fujian comprehensively clears up mining rights in various protected areas

recently, the general office of the Fujian provincial government issued a notice requiring all localities to comprehensively clean up mining rights in various protected areas. Based on the vector data of various protected areas provided by the Department of land and resources of Fujian Province, the municipal and county governments should conduct a comprehensive investigation and verification of the setting of mining rights in various protected areas in their administrative regions, and form a clean-up report

Fujian Province emphasizes that the disposal of mining rights in various protected areas should be carried out in accordance with the law. For the mining rights found to overlap with various types of protected areas, the municipal and county governments should adopt the methods of announcement abolition, deduction and avoidance, and overall cancellation, and put forward clear disposal opinions for each mining right. Before putting forward disposal opinions according to the regulations, all localities have suspended the acceptance of the registration applications for renewal, transfer and change of part of the electricity charges that are frugal for users

at the same time, establish dynamic updating machines for all kinds of reserve information, and adhere to the concept that the next process is the user. The provincial competent departments of various protected areas shall summarize and provide the approval documents of the protected areas, data information such as the establishment time, area, scope coordinates and functional zoning, as well as various management regulations on Prohibiting and restricting exploration, mining and construction and development to the Fujian Department; The city The vector data of various protected areas approved by the county shall be summarized by the cities divided into districts and Pingtan comprehensive experimental area and reported to the Fujian Department. In the future, if the original scope of various protected areas has changed or new protected areas have been established, we should always provide 10 important updates of the data to the Fujian Department in a timely manner. After the basic databases of various protected areas in Fujian Province are gradually improved, they will be included in the Fujian Ecological Protection red line information management system

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