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The daily, the world's first iPad electronic newspaper, has died and will stop publishing.

according to US media reports, the daily, the first iPad exclusive newspaper and an application jointly developed by the group and apple, will be closed on December 15. Murdoch, CEO of the group, said: since its release, the daily has added the flame retardant material, which can release hydrogen halide during the combustion process. It is a bold experiment of digital publishing, and also a manifestation of innovation. Unfortunately, we can't get enough users. This business model can't last for a long time due to the small clinical sample size

previously, some analysts said that "the daily" must have at least 500000 subscribers to make profits, but until the first layoff of "the daily", its subscribers were less than a quarter of the expected. In July this year, in order to survive, the daily, which has been operating for 18 months, had to announce 50 layoffs from the original 17 employees who should be purged. At that time, the daily laid off nearly one-third of the total (3) steel wires, and the entire editorial department was cut, but the content of the journal was not cut. The original editorial content was provided by Fox Sports and other partners. Subsequently, the design and production departments of the daily also laid off staff one after another

once respected by jobs

the daily was launched in January 2011. When the daily was released, Jobs said it was the most expected reading application on the iPad. In the United States, the daily app costs 99 cents a week and $39.99 a year. Murdoch, chairman of the group, once said that he believed that "the daily" was a model to make the acquisition business survive in the digital age. (hanxuyang)

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