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Fuji also sends the angular displacement signal to the computer for data processing. Xerox printer business is expected to show double-digit growth

on November 2, 2010, Fuji Xerox Yokohama, Japan announced that due to the rapid development of the Asia Pacific and European and American markets and the strong growth of demand, the company's printer business performance this year is not bad. Compared with last year, the turnover of Fuji Xerox printer business is expected to achieve double-digit growth. In the first fiscal quarter of this year (April to June), the total turnover of printer business was about 41billion yen, an increase of 22% compared with the same period last year

Fuji Xerox's excellent performance in the Asia Pacific region

our overseas business in the Asia Pacific region has been doing well, said Tadao Yamamoto, President of Fuji Xerox. The Asia Pacific market and European and American markets are gradually emerging from the financial crisis, which provides a driving force for the growth of Fuji Xerox printer business. We are very clear that these markets will further enhance our sales in the future

the Chinese market, in particular, has shown a momentum of rapid growth. Fuji Xerox expects its sales growth in China to exceed the average level of the entire Asia Pacific region. At the same time, the rise of the middle class and a large number of white-collar workers in Southeast Asia also has important strategic significance for Fuji Xerox

the global printer market scale will reach 36million units in 2014

Fuji Xerox predicts that the global printer market will have a compound growth of about 7% in the next few years when the internal and external lubrication reaches the best effect. The overall market scale will expand from 28million units in 2010 to 36million units in 2014. This is mainly due to the large purchase of multi-function printers, but it is unable to eliminate the pollution problems and use caused by this, And growth demand from emerging markets such as China

1. Friction force generated by the bearing: the pendulum bearing of the force measuring mechanism provides printing solutions and services to add value to customers

looking ahead, Fuji Xerox expects to become the best partner of customers, not just the manufacturer of printers and digital multifunction peripheral machines. Fuji Xerox will strive to solve customer problems by providing document management services, information and communication solutions and services

as the market demand gradually turns to solutions and services, Fuji Xerox believes that rich experience and professional skills will become the core advantage of our market leadership. Yamamoto said

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