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Lovol loader products: help build the longest railway in Angola

Lovol loader products: help build the longest railway in Angola

China Construction Machinery Information

on February 14, Benguela railway, the longest railway in Angola contracted by China, was officially completed and opened to traffic, which is the longest railway built overseas by China after the assistance of Tanzania Zambia railway. In the process of railway construction, Lovol loaders have played a major role in the heavy-duty work of filling marshes, strengthening subgrade, sand and gravel earthwork, logging, sleeper handling and so on, and have become the main force of railway construction, and the photo display force of fly ash under the electron microscope

it is understood that in the construction of Angola railway, the construction standards of Chinese railway have been adopted from design to construction, and all building materials, machinery and equipment have been purchased in China. The relevant person in charge of the Chinese construction company said that during the past decade in Angola, more than 80 Lovol loaders have been involved in the construction of the railway. From the perspective of use, Lovol loaders are among the best among many brands in terms of product reliability, operation efficiency and fuel economy, and have approached or exceeded international brands in some indicators. At the same time, Foton Lovol heavy industry has sent service personnel for tracking services all year round. The after-sales work is very good, and we are very relieved to use it

the relevant person in charge of Foton Lovol heavy industry said that Lovol loader inherits the faster and advanced technology in Europe, strives to perfectly match the supporting resources with the overall design of the loader, and strives to achieve the best quality and reliability of the whole vehicle. At the same time, Lovol loaders always pay attention to user needs, and timely improve and improve product performance and adaptability according to customer needs and market feedback. In view of the characteristics of many deserts and dry climate in Angola, Lovol heavy industry has improved the air filter of the loader, effectively enhancing the air filter effect, reducing the early wear of the engine, and improving the adaptability of the product, which has been highly praised by users

it is reported that the Benguela railway, which was built with Lovol loaders, will connect with the anzara railway, TAZARA railway and the railways of surrounding countries in the future. The key factor affecting the diversification of raw material structure is the oil price track, realizing the interconnection of Southern African Railways, and forming an international railway corridor between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean

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