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Lovol leads the new normal of the summer wheat harvest

in previous years, a large number of migrant workers chose to return to their hometown to collect grain every wheat harvest season, but in the past two years, with the acceleration of land circulation and the improvement of agricultural mechanization, now more migrant workers choose to stay behind to work instead of returning to their hometown to collect wheat

Lovol Ceres harvester gallops in the wheat field to harvest wheat

Mr. Wang from Heze told him that he had been working in Weifang for five or six years. In previous years, he would go home to harvest wheat when it was time to harvest wheat, and he had not been home in the wheat harvest since last year. He told the family that he had planted more than ten acres of wheat and was very busy in the harvest season. Later, he subcontracted his family's land and left some for the family to eat. Due to the small area of farming and more combine harvesters and other agricultural machinery, the wheat harvest season is much easier than in previous years, and it doesn't use so much manpower. "My father said that this year's grain harvest is very good, the harvester harvests quickly, and the wheat enters the granary after drying for two days."

as Mr. Wang said, in Shandong Zouping Quanquan agricultural machinery cooperative, the new Sanxia army composed of Lovol Gushen harvester, Lovol tractor + Lovol baler, Lovol tractor + Matt mark planter and Lovol dryer has pushed the mechanization of Sanxia to a new level, truly realizing the whole process mechanization of summer harvest, summer tube and summer seed, making Sanxia shorter, more environmentally friendly and safer. For ordinary people, Sanxia is very easy after a day of wheat

the Lovol family leads the new normal of mechanized wheat harvest in the whole process

it is learned that in the wheat harvest, two strong young men can harvest about two acres of land a day if they rely on manpower alone. In Shandong Zouping Quanquan cooperative, in the more than 2000 mu of land contracted by the cooperative, compared with plastic products, five harvesters worked for an hour and harvested more than 50 mu. Before that, we had to hire 20 strong laborers to work for three days on this 50 mu land. These people still had to be good wheat harvesters. With the help of these five harvesters, the more than 2000 mu of land was harvested in three days

after the wheat harvest, due to different agronomic requirements, the harvesters used in some plots are equipped with straw returning devices. After harvest, the wheat straw is directly broken and returned to the field, which becomes the fertilizer for the next season's crops. In some plots, Lovol balers will be pulled by Lovol high-power tractors to bale wheat straw in the field. Dense bundles of wheat straw have become another income increase for farmers, and a tested engineering product may also be used as an experimental source in different environmental experimental equipment. In addition to being sent to power plants for power generation, it can also be used as feed for livestock

Lovol baler is in operation

after the operation of Lovol Ceres harvester and Lovol baler, it is the world's high-end agricultural machinery Lovol Matt mark precision seeder. Foton Lovol heavy industries incorporated the world's high-end agricultural machinery brand Matt mark company into its group this year. This meeting invited international well-known experts and scholars from the United States, Japan and the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, as well as heavyweight and high-level personages such as the chairman and general manager of many enterprises to participate, filling the gap in the technology and products of China's high-end agricultural machinery, especially precision seeders. It was seen at the scene that under the traction of driverless tractors, Lovol Matt mark precision seeder skillfully trenched fertilization, trenched sowing, and soil compaction. Compared with the traditional seeder, the seeder has the same sowing depth, and the seed row spacing and plant spacing are very accurate

after harvesting, the wheat can enter the granary after drying. In Zouping Lovol demonstration farm, we can see that the wheat harvested by the harvester is directly put into the dryer for drying. The operation efficiency of the dryer is very high. The drying capacity of a single Lovol dryer is 15 tons at a time, and it can be dried once in 3 hours. Five dryers in the farm are used at the same time, and more than 200 tons of grain can be dried in a day. The 2000 mu of wheat in the farm can be dried in only days. After drying, the grain is directly sent to the granary for temporary storage. In this way, the produced grain can enter the granary "without landing", and its quality is higher and more environmental friendly. At the same time, the moisture content of wheat can be accurately controlled, which is more convenient for the long-term storage of grain

when we see the advanced machinery and equipment manufacturing lines in Europe and the United States from the above, or see the video of "German farmers actually use harvesters to pick grapes, and the world outlook has been refreshed again", we don't have to be surprised. Those scenes that overturn everyone's imagination of mechanized farming are also moving in this direction. As a leading enterprise in the agricultural machinery industry, Foton Lovol heavy industry, It has always led the agricultural machinery industry to a higher level. For example, the production of grain crops such as wheat and corn has been mechanized throughout the process. The whole process mechanized production has greatly shortened the farming hours, liberated more and more farmers like Mr. Wang from agricultural production, changed the tradition of farmers living on land, increased their income and improved their lives

Lovol cloud service leads the new normal of smart harvest

while mechanization shortens the harvest cycle, it cannot be separated from the strong service support behind it. In zhuyou village, Laizhou City, Shandong Province, machine operator Zhang Zengzhu was driving Lovol Ceres ge60 to harvest wheat in the wheat field. The harvester drove by, leaving patches of stubble. Lu Wenbing, a villager, looked in the wheat field for a while and felt that the stubble was a little high, so he stopped the harvester and said to Zhang Zengzhu, "this stubble is so high that I can't water the farmland. Please adjust it." After Zhang Zengzhu got out of the car to understand the situation, as a novice, he didn't know where to debug. While taking it, he said to the surrounding villagers, "I went on to apply for repair, and someone soon came to adjust it for me."

the villagers were very curious about his practice and all gathered around to see how he reported for repair. I saw him click the official account of Lovol agricultural equipment to enter the one button warranty, input his relevant information and submit it. After about 20 minutes, Zhang Zengzhu rang. It was Li Xiaoming, a service staff member of Foton Lovol heavy industry. He rushed to Foton Lovol heavy industry after receiving the dispatch order. He told Zhang Zengzhu, "our information service center staff saw through the gold box background system that the indicators of the main parts of the harvester you drive are normal. After expert consultation and analysis, it may be that the belt is loose. I'll check it for you." After some debugging, the harvest stubble was 3 cm lower than the original. Lu Wenbing said, "it's ok if the stubble is so high. I didn't expect that the harvester service is so advanced. It came so soon and didn't delay me."

it is learned that the one key repair report used by Zhang Zengzhu is an innovative service measure provided by Foton Lovol heavy industry for the manipulator during the summer of this year. The robot operator can enjoy information, one click repair, ordering, transaction matching, operation management, vehicle monitoring, customer service and other services. Lovol customer service personnel can accurately locate the location of the user's faulty vehicle and surrounding service vehicles through the GPS intelligent information system, and arrange the nearest Lovol service vehicle for door-to-door service through the call center system. Foton Lovol heavy industry information service center can also know the progress of maintenance service in real time and evaluate the satisfaction of the service through "dispatching", which effectively reduces the waiting time of users for maintenance

the service team members check and repair the harvester for users

the "golden box" mentioned by Li Xiaoming can be described as the intelligent steward of the harvester. During the operation of the harvester, the operation data information of its main parts can be transmitted to Foton Lovol heavy industry information service center through the "golden box" from time to time through the wireless network. Once there is abnormal data, the sitting service expert will send an early warning message to the harvester at the first time, Remind the operator to avoid shutdown caused by failure. At the same time, the staff of the information service center can judge the failure of the harvester through these data, so that the manipulator has a remote doctor and nanny during the operation

in addition, Foton Lovol heavy industry, as the largest agricultural equipment manufacturing enterprise in China, has built an Internet-based Lovol cloud service platform around customer service to provide customized skills training and guidance for users across the country through the "full-time cloud" remote multimedia teaching platform. Its training time and place are more flexible. It can carry out "face-to-face" training and communication for dealers and users at any time and place. Users all over the country can share the synchronous explanation of engineers through full-time cloud, and can ask engineers questions and communicate with training users in other regions. Let users have a comprehensive understanding of the product and help users reduce the trouble caused by not knowing the product. At present, one agricultural machinery training and appraisal demonstration base of the Ministry of agriculture has been established, which is effectively connected with four training bases at the terminal, 30 training sub centers and more than 1000 training stations, so as to timely meet the personalized training needs of users in different regions and products

about 550000 harvesters participated in the "three summer" operation this year, including more than 400000 Lovol Ceres wheat harvesters. In order to ensure the smooth return of particles to the warehouse, Foton Lovol heavy industry integrates its own platform and social Internet platform, and through big data analysis, creates an online and offline, full-time, efficient, intelligent, value-added service system to provide customers with 24-hour considerate services around the clock, all-round and accurate, While leading the transformation and upgrading of the industry service mode, it ensures the smooth summer harvest work, which will be favored and promoted by more and more businesses

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