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Lovol heavy industry: Jiangsu grain growers are busy buying machines for the Lantern Festival. It is understood that all of them are heads of professional cooperatives, family farmers and Grain Growers with more than 2000 mu of arable land, It is a typical representative of large-scale agricultural operators

customers visit Lovol training base

at the beginning of this year, Jiangsu Province defined the main objectives and tasks of Agricultural Mechanization in 2016. "Accelerating the whole process mechanization of grain production" has become the top priority, especially breaking through the key links such as grain drying and the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy. These representatives of large agricultural machinery families who came to Lovol heavy industry to visit and investigate came to solve these problems

in the Lovol heavy industry leading product exhibition area, customers gathered around the Lovol grain dryer to ask questions. Through the detailed introduction and on-site observation of the staff, these 17 large agricultural machinery manufacturers ordered on the spot, so they could not cross-linked and de cross-linked. They switched 18 Lovol Ceres rice machines, good electromechanical and oil pumps to reach the power required for the universal experimental machine experiment. 12 Lovol grain dryers and 2 Lovol high-power tractors

the customer ordered 12 Lovol grain dryers on the same day

the customer ordered 18 Lovol Ceres rice dryers on the same day

"I have almost studied Lovol dryer this morning. There are many tanks, good materials, accurate moisture measurement, and I can't make a mistake buying it!" A chairman of the cooperative said happily after signing the subscription agreement

at present, it is the key season for spring cultivation and broadcasting in all regions. Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment business closely focuses on user needs to carry out marketing and product quality improvement. The author learned that in order to better let users around the world experience Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment products at home for the first time, dealers around the country are comprehensively organizing customer product experience activities

"to provide you with the most reliable products with the highest rate of return in a timely manner is the combination of these structures. Products with high returns are the focus of our current work. Please actively participate in our Lovol experience activities and feel free to buy Lovol products." Liu Qingguo, general manager of Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment marketing company, said when communicating with visiting users

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