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Lovol heavy industry: "cloud" information service platform escorts particles to the warehouse

Lovol heavy industry: "cloud" information service platform escorts particles to the warehouse

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China's confidence in firmly holding its rice bowl in its own hands is not only derived from sufficient strategic reserves of grain, but also lies in the continuously enhanced strength of agricultural science and technology. With the continuous penetration of information technology, especially "Internet +" and "smart +" in the field of agriculture, first: look at the transformation and evolution of Chinese traditional farming to modern "smart agriculture"

as a leading enterprise in the field of domestic agricultural equipment, Lovol heavy industry has actively promoted the combination of modern agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing with mobile Internet, big data, IOT, etc. in recent years, using "intelligence, Internet, information" to define "new agricultural machinery". Under the guidance of its innovation, a picture of smart agriculture led by "Internet + agricultural machinery" is slowly unfolding in the field, bringing "hard core" support to the protection of large computer workstations, which will introduce the friction test system into China's granary and secure the "Chinese rice bowl"

"the higher the cost, the less panic." The application of smart agricultural machinery has firmly stabilized the "ballast stone" of food security

during the summer wheat harvest this year, in dashunjia village, Woyang County, Anhui Province, Zhao Kai, a "wheat customer" from Weifang, was busy driving Lovol Valley God gm80. "The screen in the upper left corner is the Beidou locator, which displays the operating acreage and money. The screen below shows the running status of the machine. They all know where I work, and they will also show any faults." During the wheat harvest, Zhao Kai introduced various "high technologies" in the car with great interest

Lovol is equipped with intelligent terminal devices on each harvester delivered from the factory. Relying on these intelligent devices, Lovol has built a Zhilian cloud service platform. "They all know" by Zhao Kai refers to this platform. On this platform, the regional distribution and real-time working conditions of national agricultural equipment are clear at a glance. Including the total number of connected equipment, types of agricultural machinery, cumulative working hours, statistics of working area, ranking of regional holdings, provincial wheat harvest progress, etc

"according to the regional operation progress, combined with the car Union big data, meteorological data, regional operation progress, agricultural machinery ownership, historical operation data, we analyze the national trans regional operation roadmap and provide it to the society free of charge." Shi Haibo, director of Lovol service center, introduced that the cross regional operation roadmap was updated 24 hours a day, "where there is life, there is precision, cross regional and not empty running". Smart agricultural machinery, which relies on the "cloud" system, not only improves the income of agricultural machinery, but also becomes the escort of grain return to the warehouse

at the same time, Lovol heavy industries helped agricultural machinery operators and farmers establish a "C2C" service platform, bringing together machinery operators and farmers on the platform to realize "agricultural machinery leasing". As of the end of May this year, on this intelligent service platform, nearly 40000 orders have been reached between Lovol "Gushen" robot and farmers in the coal electrification 1 integrated circular economy industrial park, and the accumulated reserved operation area has exceeded 10million mu, effectively connecting the supply and demand sides

through years of optimization and improvement, Lovol Zhilian cloud service platform can not only provide information services for robots through IOT, big data, cloud computing and other technologies, but also form an optimal resource allocation scheme for service personnel, accessories, logistics transportation, delivery, etc., so as to ensure the service time limit and accessory supply capacity

based on the advantages of Lovol service in informatization and intelligence, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas and Lovol heavy industry jointly launch the national three summer trans regional operation information service platform every year to provide timely information services for machine operators across the country, such as operation supply and demand, technical guidance, health and epidemic prevention, weather forecast, maintenance parts, oil supply, traffic conditions, etc., and comprehensively support the development of agricultural intelligence

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