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Lovol heavy industry: make efforts to digitalize the strategy and create an overall solution for intelligent construction machinery

Lovol heavy industry: make efforts to digitalize the strategy and create an overall solution for intelligent construction machinery

China Construction Machinery Information

authorities pointed out that China has become the largest manufacturing base of construction machinery in the world, which is the field in which China is most likely to take the lead in becoming the most advanced in its march towards a manufacturing power. From a large manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country, China's independent construction machinery industry not only needs to fill in the shortcomings, but also stride over the threshold of efficiency, power and energy conservation; More importantly, we need to firmly grasp the opportunities of the times, ride the wind in the new generation of information technology represented by big data, cloud computing, and mobile Internet, create a deep integration of informatization and industrialization of construction machinery, and firmly grasp the heavy weapons of big countries in our own hands

as a world-renowned machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprise, Lovol heavy industries is committed to providing efficient and reliable overall solutions for the world through intelligent manufacturing. It made a high-profile debut with Lovol intelligent building solutions (ibuilding) at the 2018 BMW Shanghai exhibition recently. With the help of "complete machine + interconnection", it realizes the working state collection and remote control of vehicles, carries out systematic life-cycle management, and provides users with vehicle production Financial services, operation management, maintenance and repair, vehicle leasing, secondary management and other perfect one-stop services have won unanimous recognition from the audience for their excellent performance. As a big influencer of the media in the construction machinery industry, founded in 1999, China Construction Machinery Information () interviewed Mr. Chen Weixiong, vice president, deputy general manager of the group and President of the Technology Research Institute of Qingdao LOVOL Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., to interpret Lovol's digital brand strategy

Mr. Chen Weixiong (left), vice president and deputy general manager of Lovol heavy industry group of Qingdao LOVOL Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., and China Construction Machinery Information polyurethane insulation material have no advantages in cost. A cordial group photo

innovation leads, ingenuity casts new product technology

it is reported that Lovol heavy industry is a world-renowned machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprise, and its heavy industry business covers agricultural equipment, construction machinery, vehicles The four business segments of Finance + Internet have a perfect core parts industry chain, innovate and adhere to the development mode of "global R & D, global manufacturing and distribution", and have R & D centers, manufacturing bases and marketing service networks in many overseas countries. They are at the forefront of the industry in the electronic control and hydraulic module, and have been successfully applied to Lovol's new generation of excavators and loaders, significantly improving the reliability of products. Mr. Chen said that as a centralized display of the company's technological crystallization, Lovol has achieved good social effects in this exhibition with ten main models of its two product lines of excavators and loaders, and the intelligent construction scene has been demonstrated on site, bringing a wonderful visual feast to the audience

Lovol heavy industry exhibition stand style

talking about the market prospect of the industry, President Chen judged that from the recent mine commencement, the industry still has a large demand for mining equipment; At the same time, the construction scheme is also undergoing obvious changes: "in the past, mining was carried out after crushing. Now, with the help of equipment, material crushing and loading and unloading are realized at the same time." Objectively, enterprises are required to further study the on-site needs of mines and tailor construction machinery products. For example, the geology of coal mines may be granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, etc. the geological characteristics are different, and the density is naturally different. The requirements for equipment, from floor, efficiency to intelligence, will not be exactly the same. To this end, Lovol has focused its brand strength on building a series of innovative equipment to meet the needs of the construction site and forge ahead in the service industry. "For example, Lovol's first excavator fr510e-hd with more than 50 tons has made a lot of improvements for the working conditions of the mine. The materials used for structural parts and working devices are solid and durable; the fr400e-rg grabber is equipped with a lifting cab to eliminate the blind area of vision, and the grab bucket is specially built for the working conditions of scrap steel, with a grabbing capacity of more than 12 tons." He revealed that Lovol is vigorously promoting electrification, automation and rapid R & D and design, and is committed to providing a variety of solutions for the industry to improve efficiency

"Internet +", big data describes Lovol's new prospects

at present, a new round of innovative technologies such as Internet of things, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cloud services and big data are rapidly developing and integrating, injecting new vitality into the traditional manufacturing industry of construction machinery. Relevant research institutions predict that China's big data market will reach 28billion yuan in 2018, with an average annual compound growth rate of about 27.29% in the next five years (). With the continuous improvement of big data infrastructure, data analysis and business intelligence tools will gradually become the main force of big data, and industrial applications will become the main theme. For this reason, the mainstream construction machinery enterprises all over the world have started the research and development in the direction of intelligence, and started the wave of scientific and technological products and informatization. As a world-renowned mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprise, Lovol engineering machinery has given a more profound definition to intellectualization, and constantly plans better solutions according to user needs in the three main directions of product research and development, production and manufacturing, and after-sales service

Lovol booth style

President Chen said that using the Internet platform to realize equipment interconnection, Lovol's loaders can read more than 60 items of data, and excavators can collect hundreds of items; The data is transmitted and summarized to the big data platform of the company. After classification, brief analysis and storage, it is handed over to the pulley on the toothed bar and its track track for excessive dust and rust. He said that the purpose of data collection is application. Lovol analyzed and applied the above data items from different dimensions according to the actual needs of different target groups of the company, so as to jointly serve the healthy growth of the enterprise. Facing the era of big data for all, President Chen lamented that now there are more and more target groups of data services, and the requirements for enterprises' ability to use data are also higher and higher; Within Lovol heavy industry alone, it includes R & D, procurement, manufacturing, quality, distribution, services, finance and other departments. For example, he said, R & D personnel focused on the need to accurately understand the operating conditions and operation of the product, whether the equipment operates in the design state, and the use needs and habits of the terminal, so as to provide more accurate information for future upgrading and improvement; The distribution personnel are required to master the equipment expenditure status, so as to draw the market situation of the partition, predict the demand and provide more accurate solutions; Service personnel can analyze the quality performance through the data platform, realize remote expert diagnosis, and provide proactive services

Lovol heavy industry booth style

digital strategy, enabling the new future of terminal channels

talk about the prospects of big data. President Chen focused on the broad application of data collection in value-added services. He revealed that more than 60% of Lovol's customers are Chinese, but the domestic geography is vast, and the supply and demand vary from place to place, often causing problems for terminal inventory and scheduling; Using geographic location information, now all parties can share their own equipment information in real time, timely confirm each other's demand and inventory, and realize the effective connection between supply and demand. In addition, Lovol also uses big data for on-site engineering construction, and draws a three-dimensional construction plan through accurate measurement of multiple equipment, so as to achieve accurate operation. "The industry used to measure and construct at the same time, and multiple management led to slow project efficiency, low safety, and frequent construction quality." President Chen concluded, "with Lovol's solution, the construction party can monitor in real time, confirm the site situation at any time, solve problems in time, connect the construction cycle all the time, and ensure the construction efficiency and project quality."

At the end of the interview, President Chen specially pointed out that the digital strategy is not only Lovol's brand needs to comply with the times, but also an effective platform for the company to help the channel develop more smoothly and "reduce pressure" to the terminal. He pointed out that in the past, after-sales services were mostly in the form of 400, but today's digital platform allows manufacturers to directly understand the use process of equipment, take the initiative to provide maintenance services, and through the retrieval of past use records, analyze and solve the situation more accurately, greatly improving service efficiency and reducing the burden on terminal personnel

industry comment:

manufacturing power is an important part of building a socialist modern power system; As the industry representative of "national top priority", the manufacturing level and capacity of construction machinery are the key indicators to measure a country's industrial level. At present, intelligent manufacturing with the deep integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and construction machinery is leading the high-end transformation of the industry with a small volume of 399200 tons of coniferous wood chips, indicating an unprecedented change in China's industrial manufacturing. As the pioneer of the industry's intelligent strategy, Lovol heavy industries is based on a solid brand foundation, drives the high-quality growth of enterprises with digitalization, feeds back global customers with high-quality products and services, and is committed to becoming the world's brand of off-road walking machinery and equipment. With ingenuity, we believe that Lovol, which is moving forward steadily, will take importing more applicable, targeted and valuable products and services to users as its own responsibility, commit to achieving the ultimate reliability of products, promote the intelligent development of construction machinery in the construction field, contribute more technical crystallization to the continuous upgrading and development of technology in China's construction machinery industry, and continue to write the next stage of brand brilliance

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