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A new hot spot in the plasticization of beer packaging: high barrier nylon

due to the low price of PET raw materials and the many advantages of PET containers, such as high strength, high transparency, excellent gas resistance, etc., the application field continues to expand, becoming the fastest-growing resin in plastic packaging. PET bottles have been widely used in carbonated drinks, tea drinks, mineral water and so on. However, when pet is used as beer bottle, the gas barrier still cannot meet the requirements of long shelf life of beer packaging. Pen's excellent gas barrier, high temperature resistance, strong ultraviolet shielding ability and low gas adsorption make it the best beer packaging container made of single plastic at present. However, the cost of raw materials is quite high. The price of pen is about 10 times that of pet, and it can only be used in some higher-grade beer

the high price or impermeability of a single material cannot meet the needs of beer packaging. Various composite materials or coating processes not only increase the cost, but also increase the processing difficulty, forcing people to constantly explore new technologies or materials to meet the huge market demand. New nylon products with low cost, high barrier and excellent processing performance are becoming a new hot spot in the industry as barrier materials for beer packaging

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company of Japan has developed a new type of nylon MXD6 (n-mxd6). The thermal properties such as melting point, glass transition temperature and crystallization process are similar to pet, which is particularly suitable for combination with pet. In recent years, multi-layer bottles made of MXD6 and pet have been used as beer charging facilities in many countries, and the market range may reach 100 billion yuan

ems will also launch a new high barrier PA product grivory Hb in the near future. It is reported that this product has the similar impermeability with pen, and the price is much lower than pen, which is specially used for beer packaging

Eastman Chemical Company and nanocor company jointly developed the PA nanocomposite imperm for multi-layer blow molding, which is used as the barrier core material of pet/pa/pet three-layer bottles, and has been used in disinfection free beer packaging. The thickness of imperm core layer accounts for only 10% of the total thickness of bottle layer. There is no adhesive layer between imperm and pet, nor does it affect the transparency required by the bottle. It is said that it can be guaranteed for 200 days

honeywell is committed to developing a PA nanocomposite aegis ox with lower cost than glass. It is said that the material can reduce the oxygen transmittance (OTR) of PA6 by 100 times, and the amount of oxygen infiltration is almost zero. Honeywell believes that this barrier system can compete with any other existing beer barrier packaging, fully meeting the requirements of oxygen infiltration and carbon dioxide leakage within 120 days, and believes that the 180 day quality guarantee can be achieved through further adjustment of the process. The three-layer PET beer bottle made of this material has been adopted by the Los Angeles beer company with an exhibition area of nearly 230000 square meters, nearly 2100 exhibitors, more than 28 participating countries and regions, and an estimated number of visitors of more than 150000 professional visitors

the development of recycling technology will also solve the worries of pet/pa composite packaging. Reimotec, a German manufacturer of plastic monofilament and packaging belt extrusion equipment whose factory conditioning output pressure is 45 MPa and 69 MPa respectively, claims that it has invented the technology of directly recycling and processing pet/pa bottles into packaging belts without compatibilizers

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