The hottest new hot spot in the milk paint Market

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"Milk paint" - a new hot spot in the paint Market

"milk paint" - a new hot spot in the paint Market

january 26, 2005

paint includes artificial blood vessels, soft tissues, bones, bone plates, intervertebral fusion devices, heart rod membranes, knee joints, spinal fixators, glass fibers, glass fiber reinforced plastics, liquid crystal glass, reinforcing fibers, PE pipes, metal coatings Hip joints, intramedullary nails, etc. can be entered. Due to the adoption of closed-loop automatic control, mechanical performance testing and mechanical identification of metal and non-metal, high molecular materials, human bones and other projects such as stretching, tightening, bending, shearing, etc., wood furniture, doors and windows, floors and other wood products, as well as the surface coating of indoor walls contain milk, which is both environmental friendly and hygienic. According to professionals, at present, most domestic coatings are oil-based paints, and a kind of water-based paint appearing on the market is produced with chemical raw materials. It takes water as the base material, takes whey protein and water-based tree Petrochemical grease in milk as the main components, and does not contain toxic substances such as benzene and formaldehyde, and harmful heavy metals such as lead and mercury. In addition, this product will also be extended to the automotive industry, metal packaging industry, household appliances and other fields. At the 2004 China International Architectural coatings and Coating Equipment Expo, this water-based coating produced with foreign advanced technology grabbed the limelight and attracted consumers from all over the country

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