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New highlights of domestic new paper packaging machinery

paper plastic particle packaging machine is a paper plastic composite particle packaging machine developed by Mudanjiang Wantong company, which realizes the completion of bag making and loading by one machine and reduces the cost. Using its own patented technology, this new packaging machine can complete all the processes of packaging paper feeding, pasting, molding material measurement, bagging and sealing in one machine, and the packaging cost of each bag can be reduced by 60%

the vertical paper plastic laminating machine is a new generation of composite mechanical equipment in the packaging industry, which can be widely used in new energy vehicles, aerospace and other fields by virtue of its excellent performance. The machine adopts semi closed form, with accurate gear meshing, stable operation, low noise, convenient operation and high degree of automation. After laminating, the printing surface is bright, the line color is clear, and it has the advantages of waterproof and cleaning. It can be widely used in books with long-term use of group books, covers, calendars, cards, product sample lamination, packaging carton lining, etc. it is an ideal equipment for paper plastic lamination of paper packaging boxes, cover decoration, etc

the rotary high-speed paper cutter is a ~gq1600 rotary high-speed paper cutter designed and manufactured by Jiangyin Shuangying Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. It is an efficient cutting device for cutting web paper into flat sheets, which will lead to improper use. This series of experimental machine also has its own characteristics, causing the sample to break at the fixture, resulting in the failure of the experiment. Its structure consists of four main parts: reel support, support for raw paper; The cutting mechanism adopts high-strength rotating knife roller and high-quality famous brand knife, which can ensure the service life of knife and roller; The main driving device is composed of high-quality frequency conversion motor and famous brand tooth chain stepless transmission, overlapping sheet feeding mechanism, overlapping paper feeding after high-speed paper cutting, and the reasonable adjustment of conveyor belt and pressing device ensure the rapid and safe transmission of finished paper after high-speed paper cutting. The machine has the functions of automatic paper feeding, automatic length measurement, automatic cutting, automatic counting, automatic stacking, elimination of static electricity, and selects high-quality materials and various accessories with world advanced level to ensure that the machine has good rigidity, high cutting precision, large processing range, and convenient operation and maintenance

the hydraulic large format paper hot stamping machine is a hydraulic large format paper hot stamping machine developed and designed by Jiangsu Haimen Xingma machinery factory on the basis of the prototype of Kurtz company in Germany. It has the advantages of high pressure, strong three-dimensional sense and reliable quality. The hot stamping speed, temperature and pressure can be adjusted arbitrarily. It is suitable for horizontal bronzing on the surface of paper, plastic and other special specifications, heat transfer printing. The specifications of disposable concave convex bronzing are complete. ◆ information source: packaging world

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