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Rotary drilling rig: a new hot spot under the guidance of infrastructure investment

rotary drilling rig: a new hot spot under the guidance of infrastructure investment

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Guide: the sales volume reached 962 in 2008, with a year-on-year increase of 76.8%; In the first half of 2009, the cumulative sales volume reached 700 sets, and the second half of 2009 was still increasing. From the sales data, it seems that it has not been affected by the financial crisis. This product is rotary drilling rig. Yuchai heavy industry has always been a small mining company in the industry

in 2008, the sales volume reached 962 sets, with a year-on-year increase of 76.8%; In the first half of 2009, the cumulative sales volume reached 700 sets, and the second half of 2009 was still increasing. Judging from the sales data that promoted the orderly shutdown and withdrawal of Jigang, it seems that it has not been affected by the financial crisis. This product is rotary drilling rig

Yuchai heavy industry has always been an enterprise famous for small excavators in the industry, but at the just concluded 10th BICES, the enterprise that is expected to occupy the largest market share sounded the horn of product expansion, one of which is to start developing rotary drilling rigs. As an enterprise with a history of 20 years, it chose rotary drilling rigs to develop new products for the first time. Its market confidence in such products is evident. Enterprises that choose to enter the field of rotary drilling rigs are not only Yuchai heavy industries - Mobile beams are cast with high-strength molds. The consolidation of high-rigid beams is not easy to damage, and accurate displacement measurement can be completed. Shantui also launched its own rotary drilling rig products for the first time. Other traditional rotary drilling rig enterprises have also launched new products to meet the needs of the new market competition pattern

as a newly emerging construction machinery product in recent years, rotary drilling rig requires relatively large capital and technical investment. In addition, the total market demand of rotary drilling rigs is much smaller than that of excavators and loaders, and it is also obviously affected by macro-control and relevant policies. In the short term, in response to the financial crisis, China's high-speed rail and other infrastructure markets are heating up rapidly, and the market demand for rotary drilling rigs is growing rapidly. However, whether the rotary drilling rig market can continue to improve in the future is a question that many enterprises who want to enter this field need to consider. In the long run, China's large-scale urbanization construction, including the construction of more and more high-rise buildings, urban subway and intercity railway projects, will inject continuous driving force into the rotary drilling rig market

infrastructure expedites development opportunities

due to its advantages of fast construction speed, good hole forming quality and low environmental pollution, rotary drilling rig has become the main hole forming equipment for pile construction, gradually replacing the traditional percussive and rotary drilling rig and other equipment

in response to the financial crisis, as the most effective pulling means at the national policy level, it is better to increase investment in infrastructure construction. A considerable part of the 4trillion yuan investment has gone to infrastructure projects, including some construction projects that are difficult and planned for many years. Among these projects, the most intuitive one is traffic construction. After calculation, the cost of overhead railway construction in the air is lower than that on the ground. Therefore, laying a large number of viaducts has become a project with high application rate in traffic construction, and pile driving is the most important link; In addition, the traffic projects started successively in recent years are more difficult, mainly concentrated in areas with poor geomorphic conditions, and the number of bridges erected is much higher than in the past, which also provides space for piling machinery. In addition, the development of large and medium-sized cities began to focus on "upward", and high-rise buildings must have deep pile foundations as a guarantee; Because of the particularity of subway construction, especially the construction of subway stations, such products are also very needed

at the beginning of the development of the industry, most users of rotary drilling rigs in China used equipment from Germany and Italy. With the continuous development of the industry and the continuous progress of local enterprises, at present, local brands have occupied an absolute advantage in the number

the industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce. As a newly emerging product in recent years, the total market demand of rotary drilling rig is relatively small, but its R & D capital reserves and technical reserves are not low at all. This determines that the number of enterprises involved in this field will not be too many, but the competition between enterprises will show a white hot trend for each one sold

taking the 10th BICES as an example, the products of rotary drilling rigs present a very interesting phenomenon. Although several important enterprises are absent, the forces Nouvelles cannot be ignored. The pattern of the industry may usher in major changes in the next few years

first of all, the first enterprise in the industry in terms of sales volume appeared. At present, the first domestic rotary drilling rig is held by Beijing Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. The market share of this enterprise once exceeded 40%, and it has been the first in domestic sales for six consecutive years. In the exhibition area of Sany group, the enterprise brought five rotary drilling rigs such as sr110 and sr150 and two rotary drilling rigs such as sr280m. Among them, sr420 rotary drilling rig has a drilling depth of 110 meters, which is the deepest rotary drilling rig in the world at present

secondly, Yutong heavy industry, which ranks second in the industry in terms of sales volume, was absent. In recent years, Yutong heavy industry has risen rapidly, and its rotary drilling rigs, mining wide body dump trucks and other products have quickly seized market share. Last year, the sales volume of rotary drilling rigs of the enterprise ranked second in the industry, and this year's sales situation is basically second

once again, the world giant baoe company made an appearance. The localization of rotary drilling rig products in China has exceeded 90%. At the exhibition, baoe, as the only foreign brand, made a lonely appearance, which well proved this proportion. However, the technology gap between Chinese rotary drilling rig enterprises and world giants is still very significant. Bao'e has only two products, GB34 hydraulic grab and bg25c rotary drilling rig, whose appearance quenching hardness is hrc58 (6) 2, and its application life can reach several 10 years. Although there are few products, experts can see at a glance that their product quality represents the top level of the industry

finally, the rise of new forces. Taking Yuchai heavy industry as an example, the enterprise has its own advantages in entering the field of rotary drilling rigs. The working principle of rotary drilling rig has much in common with that of excavator. For example, the chassis equipped with the rotary drilling rig is the excavator chassis. Yuchai heavy industry can use its advantages in excavator technology to successfully open a breakthrough in the research and development of the rotary drilling rig

constraints need to be solved urgently

like many construction machinery products, the key to perplexing the R & D speed of rotary drilling rigs also lies in the core accessories. Although the localization rate of rotary drilling rig is very high, its core accessories are all purchased from abroad, and the proportion of imported accessories is higher than that of other products

although the rotary drilling rig adopts the excavator chassis, the working intensity of this product is much higher than that of the excavator, and its requirements for chassis quality are very high. Therefore, most domestic rotary drilling rig manufacturers use imported chassis, especially caterpillar chassis

in addition to the chassis, the main components competed among rotary drilling rig enterprises are drill pipes and power heads. A Shaanxi user told that once the force is too strong, the probability of the power head of the domestic rotary drilling rig breaking is much greater than that of foreign brands

however, due to the relatively small market of rotary drills, no foreign-funded enterprises have set up joint ventures or wholly-owned enterprises in China. With such sophisticated equipment, service plays a crucial role. Local enterprises have won development space for themselves due to their geographical advantages

it can be seen that domestic enterprises should not only see the external advantages of market share, but should be clearly aware of the gap between technology and foreign-funded advanced enterprises. Drill pipe and power head are the gap between materials and technology. Talents should be concentrated to make more efforts in these aspects, so as to achieve a qualitative breakthrough

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