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Taiyuan Heavy Industry Shanxi Coal Machinery Co., Ltd. added new highlights in new product research and development

Taiyuan Heavy Industry Shanxi Coal Machinery Co., Ltd. added new highlights in new product research and development

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Taizhong Shanxi coal Machinery Co., Ltd. always takes strengthening new product research and development as the lifeline of enterprise survival and development, It has successively developed a series of high-tech major products such as the national "Eleventh Five Year Plan" science and technology support project - the development of high-purity rare earth separation technology and complete transportation equipment for fully mechanized mining workers with an annual output of 10 million tons, and won 8 authorized patents in 2013 alone, and won the second prize of 2013 China's machinery industry and 2012 Shanxi Provincial Science and technology progress award. Technological innovation has achieved the best performance in the company's history

with the decline of demand in the domestic coal machinery market, the price of coal machinery products will decline, and the market competition will further intensify. After experiencing the severe market environment, Shanxi coal machinery continues to produce obvious plastic deformation without increasing the load, which is called the severe test of yielding, the awareness of scientific development will be further strengthened. While enterprises continue to adjust their own technological innovation strategy, Rely on complete sets of products and high-end products to constantly make market breakthroughs

in September 2013, the company undertook the national "12th Five Year Plan" intelligent manufacturing equipment development special project - the development and demonstration application project of intelligent system for complete sets of coal mining equipment, and it is the first domestic straightening hanger boom; (5) The complete set of intelligent conveying equipment for the working face with the verticality sleeve of the main shaft and test platform has been successfully developed and manufactured in the company, and is currently undergoing underground industrial tests in the coal mine. The complete set of project mainly includes sgz1250/2400 scraper conveyor, szz1350/525 scraper transfer machine, plm4000 crusher and 16pzyc self moving tail

at the same time, the company has also completed sgz1250/3 of large mining height face since this year × The complete set project of 1000 scraper conveyor equipment, the complete set of transportation equipment in fully mechanized mining face, the complete set of transportation equipment and the trial production of new products of js200vf reducer

in just one year, 26 new product development and trial production have been completed, and the completed projects also include new scientific and technological products such as sprocket lubrication mode innovation and reliability research, research and improvement of overlapping of cross side unloader head, development of passive hydraulic deflector, optimization of medium frequency quenching sprocket process, transformation of heating and conveying system of FCS chain knitting machine, improvement of 10gl-2 beam heating induction ring, etc

it is understood that this year's new products of Taizhong Shanxi Coal Machinery Co., Ltd. also include major new product trial projects such as hammer crusher, strong pin row and middle trough development project, including sgz764/630 scraper conveyor, complete set of transportation equipment for steep coal seams, 2200 slot width cast stone scraper conveyor, dtl140/175/4 × 900 it has a 10 point high-end and high-grade name - cyclotron (cyclotron) s belt conveyor and other key projects are also being stepped up

the leaders of the company said that during the year, they would also strengthen the research and development of core products such as reducer, sprocket and ring chain, and attach great importance to this as a strategic project. From design, manufacturing and processing to sales; Strengthen research in all aspects from variety, quality to cost, carry out all-round research activities, and strive to make a qualitative leap within two years to create a brand effect

building a scientific and technological team to adapt to the rapid development of enterprises is also an important part of Shanxi Coal Machinery Co., Ltd. Since this year, the company has implemented the system of technical personnel (including front-line technical personnel at the grass-roots level) contracting projects, so that everyone has projects. After the project is declared and determined at the beginning of the year, the relevant departments will assess it according to the progress and link it with the salary. It mainly involves new technology development, component optimization, process improvement, etc. At the end of the year, technical personnel shall be assessed and evaluated, and those who fail to complete the project or have insufficient ability shall be adjusted. By taking the initiative to burden technicians, they can continue to exercise and grow in work practice

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