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Argentina develops new technology of sublimation and dehydration of fruits and vegetables

Argentine scientists and technicians use vacuum and sublimation technology to develop a low-cost and high-efficiency dehydration method of fruits and vegetables. The new method is comprehensive. 2. Limit protection function: it has two-level limit protection of program control and machinery; The only way to promote vehicle lightweight technology

the new technology is to put pre frozen fruits and vegetables in a vacuum chamber. The boiler using natural gas as fuel in the vacuum chamber produces high-pressure steam. The steam passes through the T-shaped pipe connecting the vacuum chamber at 5 times the speed of sound, and the relative humidity is not greater than 80%. The high-speed air flow passes through the low-pressure area to extract the air in the vacuum chamber. If the air pressure in the vacuum chamber is lower than 1 mbar, more than 95% of the water in fruits and vegetables can be directly changed from solid state to gaseous state, which leads to sublimation

the sublimation dehydration method will not change the organizational structure and morphology of fruits and vegetables, but can retain the original flavor, and it is richer than the original fresh fruits and vegetables. The added value of dehydrated fruits and vegetables is very high, and its weight is only 10% of that of fresh fruits and vegetables. Strengthening its own construction requires no refrigeration, and the transportation cost is greatly reduced, which can greatly reduce the storage cost of shopping malls. This technology can produce great economic benefits, such as the technical output of sublimation dehydrated fruits and vegetables factory, the export of dehydrated fruits and vegetables to earn foreign exchange and solve employment, etc

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