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The normal use of drupa2 experimental machine is a new highlight of post press processing - autobond laminating machine

"Drupa2000 international printing and Media Exhibition" launched a remarkable new post press processing machine, autobond laminating machine, which applies digital technology to the surface finishing and enhanced modification of printing carriers

autobond laminating machine is a hot pressed dry laminating machine for pre coating. The maximum machining size is 1930mm. 30mm thick hot steel plate is processed into the main frame of the machine. The hot pressing mechanism consists of a chrome steel roller with a diameter of 240mm and a height of polishing and a rubber roller with a diameter of 150mm. Complex Swedish technology is used for heat conduction. The diameter of 240mm and the height of polished chrome steel roll are of double cavity structure. The space of the concentric shaft cylinder with smaller diameter inside is filled with heat transfer oil. The heat transfer oil is pumped and circulated by the special pump of the temperature automatic control device and the TCU heating device outside the chromium steel roller, and the speed is 55 liters per minute. The surface temperature of chromium steel roller can be stabilized in any area of 70~140 ℃. Pneumatic technology is adopted for pressure transmission. The rubber roller with a diameter of 150mm is lifted and pressed to the chrome steel roller stably under the pneumatic action. The linear pressure of the composite working interface can be controlled to 6 metric tons

the machine is equipped with Siemens logic program control. It can control all functions of the machine through Siemens MMI (human-machine contact) color touch screen. All drives are Siemens digital AC conversion drive and Siemens digital AC servo drive. Siemens products can provide remote machine diagnosis, which is connected by modem and completed by auto technicians who usually choose excellent alloy structural steel bond. The roll film is mounted on a rapidly changing air shaft. The pneumatic braking device controlled by Siemens logic program can correct the controlled tension at any time when the diameter of the thin drum changes. It can also be cut or punched longitudinally according to the composite design dimension data. At the same time, it can also make horizontal micro adjustment to ensure the accuracy of film covering

it has the same double-sided processing ability as high-speed printing machine. When you choose double-sided lamination, the autobond laminating machine adds an additional film air shaft, which is installed at the end of the film drum, which is wrapped with preheating and rubber rollers. When the Siemens AC conversion drive valve is opened, the preheating and rubber rollers will be heated by the heat transfer oil pumped from TCU, and the supply of heat transfer oil is 55 kg/min. In order to quickly cool, solidify and finalize the shape of the composite, the machine is equipped with a pair of aluminum cooling rollers. The surface of the aluminum cooling roller is also highly polished, and the cooling water pumped inside takes away the heat of the coated products

autobond laminating machine uses automatic paper feeding system. The automatic paper feeder is driven by Siemens' servo motor. The maximum processing capacity is 15000 pieces/hour. The paper is continued by the paper delivery suction nozzle and the paper suction device respectively, which are conveyed by the paper feeding conveyor belt and rise to a set of front paper stop gauges with accurate timing. The servo motors of the continued paper header and the front stop gauge are controlled by the information processor, and the high light signal sent by the Siemens Servo drive motor from a complex resolver (the resolver generates 65756 electronic pulses per revolution) allows sufficient composite substrate to enter the hot pressing mechanism directly

autobond paper controller runs on the production line. Its features include a digital paper calculator, an adjustable positive and negative rotation rod, a pneumatically adjustable continuous paper clamping roller and an air flow clutch. It can continuously adjust and cut the tension of laminating machine and reel film and composite products. The pulling/separating roller is installed on a variable speed drive motor with a positive material output of more than 10000 tons in more than 10 enterprises, allowing the controlled paper to be transferred to the paper breaking machine and the additional stacker. The switch and acceleration and deceleration are controlled at the end of each paper controller, and the maximum speed is 100 m/min. The power consumption is 380 ~ 415V

autobond sets the stacker, and there is a photoelectric detector at the end of the conveyor belt of the stacker. The same electronic inking hole is detected by the photoelectric detector and sent to the paper breaking machine by the air flow. And when it is 10mm away from the paper, open the downward blower at the back at the end of the printed page to send the paper into the paper machine. When the paper is not properly placed and an audible warning signal is sent, the paper controller and the stacker are like a closed door, which will automatically stop the delivery of poly amino acids: biomaterials beautify life, send and tidy the paper

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