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Honeywell's new flowmeter makes a strong attack

recently, American process automation giant Honeywell once again unveiled its pressure regulation and measurement products used in the downstream of the gas industry, that is, urban pipes, mainly including RMG and Gaote series

Honeywell mainly exhibited products such as RMG turbine flowmeter and ultrasonic flowmeter, RMG pressure regulator and Gaote underground pressure regulating station. Among them, the RMG usz08 ultrasonic flowmeter with six channel design has high measurement accuracy and stability, and is suitable for measurement stations with large flow changes. And its inner shell is made of titanium metal, which has corrosion resistance. At the same time, RMG's ultrasonic technology has been leading the world level, and it is also the first company in the world to produce six channel ultrasonic measurement products for many years; RMG pressure regulator adopts modular design technically and is equipped with integrated safety shut-off valve. Its advantage is that the module is replaceable, which makes its maintenance extremely simple, and the integrated safety shut-off valve enhances the industrial safety; Gaote's COCON series underground pressure regulating station has a compact structure, which is composed of pressure regulator, monitor and safety shut-off valve and integrated into a shell that is convenient for installation. During maintenance, it only needs to change the station core with the development of testing machine technology, because its installation underground will not affect the ground environment

rmg, a brand originated from the acquisition of enterprise development, actually revealed a step for Honeywell to enter the gas industry. The German RMG Group acquired by Honeywell in 2009 is the authority of pressure regulation, metering products and overall solutions in the natural gas field. After the acquisition, it will be used as the brand name. Garter is a famous Dutch enterprise that was acquired by RMG before Honeywell acquired RMG

as one of the top 100 enterprises in the world, Honeywell pays most attention to market growth. However, as the market share of traditional industries continues to increase and approaches saturation, Honeywell is bound to find new areas with room for growth. After research, Honeywell believes that the storage and transportation business of the oil and natural gas industry has developed very fast in recent years, and the market space is large. Data show that developing countries, including China, Central Asia and other countries, are increasing investment in the oil and gas industry. Especially in China, the oil and gas market has developed rapidly both upstream and downstream. Although the investment in the upstream has been popular for several years, it is expected to continue in the next few years. Moreover, as a clean energy, natural gas will also be the key investment field of developing countries. Therefore, this field was strategically entered by Honeywell as a strategic field

especially in the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of national urban gas, there is a set of data that is extremely eye-catching: it is estimated that China's natural gas consumption in 2015 will be about 230billion cubic meters, and the supply capacity will exceed 260billion cubic meters. In addition, data show that in 2011, China's natural gas demand was 130billion cubic meters, and the supply was 100billion cubic meters; In 2011, the proportion of natural gas in energy was 4.6%, and it is expected to grow to 7.8% by 2015. There are nine combinations of these figures. Whether the supply or the proportion of production capacity, natural gas will double in four years, which means that its annual growth rate is at least more than 20%, which also proves the correctness of Honeywell's judgment on market development and strengthens its confidence in the development of the Chinese market

in China's gas market, Honeywell's business focuses on the upstream market, mostly before the gate station in 2004. The main reason is that relatively high-end products are needed in the upstream of gas, and Honeywell has been very strong in this area after 7 years of development. For example, Honeywell's upstream pressure regulating products occupy an absolute market share in China, and its measurement market is growing rapidly

for the future, Honeywell will actively pay attention to and participate in downstream market business while ensuring upstream performance. The next growth peak of China's gas industry will be in the downstream. The reason is that with the development of user demand and the improvement of the upstream, the development of downstream pipes is inevitable. In addition, the upstream and downstream of the gas industry are interconnected and cannot be completely separated. The upstream business that best reflects the technology will have a strong driving effect on the downstream business development after the performance shows. For example, when choosing downstream products, many gas companies and gate stations will decide to continue to use the brand products used in the upstream long-distance transmission pipeline. Therefore, Honeywell's downstream development strategy is to maintain the leading position of upstream business in pressure regulating products, and then drive the midstream and downstream markets. In the downstream, we need to carefully choose the field of play, such as whether to choose the underground regulator station or the metering market

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